Hey there, I'm Marie.

Welcome to Moxie in the Middle. I don't like to think of myself as "middle-aged". I prefer to say I am living in the "middle".... with MOXIE. I'm all about helping women in the middle decrease stress and save precious time in their daily morning routines.

A Little Bit About Me


I am a believer, wife, and mom, and two sweet little boys call me grandma. I live in North Carolina but I was raised in Florida. I love to read and usually have multiple books going at one time. I love to go to thrift stores because I love a bargain and would rather spend my money on other things like those sweet little boys. I spent 35 years in the medical profession but decided to make a life change.



Here's the Rub.


Spending time in front of the mirror fixing your hair or struggling because it's just not your thing means less time doing what you love with your people. Battling headaches caused by hair ties and scrunchies is a drag and frankly not cool. If you are like me and have thin hair it can be a challenge. Spending all that time fixing your hair only to have it look like a limp rag an hour later! My daughter has thick hair so she struggles with frizziness and finding hair products that will hold her hair. The struggle is real ladies.




Here's the  Fix.


Lilla Rose hair accessories are the answer for so many busy women. You can have your hair done in minutes in a style that shows your unique personality and a little bit of moxie.


I bought a Flexi Clip at a festival about 5 years ago and I loved it. It was affordable, easy to use, beautiful, and most of all, comfortable-no headaches. I learned they are made from piano wire. Yes, piano wire!  Now, I can't play the piano but I can wear the wire in my hair. This makes them  very strong but very flexible which is why this patented design is the bomb.

I contacted the lady I bought it from and bought more. Then I found out they carried lots of hair accessories and that  I could become a stylist and share them with women who need them.....that's you.


3 Things You Need In Your Life

Wood Flexi Flip

Unique carved wood pin provides up to two different sizes by creating a tighter fit when flipped, which allows for multiple hairstyles with just one Flexi Flip! Choose from two wood colors and four coordinating wood bead designs. They are reinforced with high-carbon steel drawn music wire.


Why I love Them.


Look at them. What's not to love? They are beautiful. They are simple to use, do not cause headaches, and are affordable ( I told you I love a bargain). You can style your hair six ways to Sunday with this baby.


Plating: Varies by style;

Courtney - Silvertone, Copper; Glass, Wood, Walnut pin

Christy - Silvertone, Copper, Acrylic, Wood, Walnut pin

Deb - Silvertone; Wood, Maple pin

Sue Ellen - Burnished Copper; Glass, Wood, Maple pin. Reinforced with high-carbon steel drawn music wire

The Flexi Sport

The Flexi Sport is made with high-carbon spring steel that is encased in a TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) overmold. TPE provides a strong barrier against oxidation and moisture, making the Sport 100% waterproof. The patented sliding pin is made of high-grade polycarbonate and has high tensile strength, making it virtually resistant to breaking. All parts are latex free.


Why I love them:


I love all the pretty beads and stones BUT  depending on the situation and mood I'm in, I also love a simple more natural look too. These are waterproof so no worries there.


Brand new patent-pending design

All-day non-slip hold

Easy slide release won't damage hair

Dual pin flip to hold more or less hair

Fits all hair types

Up to 3 sizes! - XS, SM, MD

100% waterproof


Hair Mascara

Our unique Hair Mascara touches up roots and strands instantly and is easy to apply. Use it just like eye mascara or brow gel. Simply glide the brush over gray roots, grown-out color roots, or strays. Let it dry, comb through, and voila! No flakes or stains. Great for highlights too! Color stays until your next shampoo.


Why I love it:


Okay, I know. I never thought in a million years I would be talking about hair mascara but yet here we are.  These are actually super cool. You can touch up your roots to cover a certain color that shall not be named, add highlights or lowlights, and with over 20 colors to choose from your husband will wonder who he will wake up to every morning.


Touch up gray strands and roots instantly

Easy application


Never flakes or stains

Dries in a minute

Stays on until shampooed off.

Made in USA

Will Flexi Clips Work For You?

Of Course, But Let's Talk About It.