Don’t waste precious time standing in front of the mirror fixing your hair. Whether you are going on a vacation  or running a marathon, your hair is the last thing you should be thinking about. With the Flexi Sport, you can fix your hair in a beautiful style once and forget it.  Your hair will stay up comfortably all day long without slipping and without causing headaches.


Everyone loves our flagship product, the Flexi Clip. It is the product I fell in love with years ago. You can learn all about the Flexi Clip HERE.  The Flexi Sport is a brand-new patent-pending design and it is becoming a fast favorite. It has all the goodness of a Flexi Clip and more. In this video, I show you the uniques features of a Flexi Sport and what makes them  the bomb.


A Flexi Sport  is perfect for your active lifestyle. If you are hitting the waves, climbing mountains or relaxing by the fire, the Flexi Sport will hold your hair securely from sun up to sun down. You will never miss any of the fun worrying about your hair.



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The Flexi Sport has three sizes in one clip. It has a dual pin flip to hold more or less hair. The patented sliding pin is made of high-grade polycarbonate and has high tensile strength, making it virtually resistant to breaking.


Different hairstyles sometimes mean you need a bigger Flexi Clip because there is more hair in the clip. Think ponytail versus a French Twist or bun but with the Flexi Sport, you are one and done.

Athletes love the Flexi Sport. They are perfect for an active lifestyle. You can jog, and work out without worrying about them slipping. The  Flexi Sport is encased in a TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer ) overmold that provides a strong barrier against oxidation and moisture which makes this baby 100% waterproof.


Flexi Sports are so lightweight they will not damage your hair. As a matter of fact you will almost forget you have it on. The unique design  is made with music wire which is very strong but super flexible  so your hair will stay up all day long.


There are over 20 colors to choose from so finding one or two in colors that you love should not be too hard.



What’s all the fuss over the Flexi Flip?

  • Grips, no slippin
  • Simple styles, not flashy
  • Waterproof
  • Military  compliant
  • Latex free
  • Cute, fun clors
  • Athletes Love It
  • Jog or workout in it.
  • Fits an active life
  • Super lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Well-made and budget friendly.





If you don’t want to waste time fixing your hair. If you struggle because it’s just not your thing. You need the Flexi Sport


So the next time you are heading out on your next vacation, running in your next race or even lounging by the pool.,grab a Flexi Sport  for a no fuss, beautiful, comfortable hairstyle.


You can check out all the different colors HERE

Sizing and styling video HERE

Short on cash? I got you. Check out some of the sets that have Flexi Sports  HERE


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