I don’t begrudge getting older. So many women never get the chance so I am thankful to have made it this far. So, am I thankful for my graying temples? Hmm, not so much but just like everything else in life, you take the good with the bad.


Just because our hair may be turning gray does not mean we have to stop wearing modern hairstyles and it for sure doesn’t mean we should start wearing those bobby pins that you buy at the drugstore. Heck, we didn’t get to this age by following all ” the rules”


Here are 8 hairstyles that can make your grey ( or greying hair) look more hip and modern

This beautiful casual braided half-up is held in place with the  Dani  Flexi Clip. What the heck is a Flexi Clip?

The short answer is a Flexi Clip is a one-piece, flexible hair clip that works in all types of hair, from baby-fine to extra-long and thick. It is made with piano wire which makes it very strong but super flexible so you do not have to worry about headaches. They are lightweight, super comfortable, and will not damage your hair like scrunchies or elastics. Learn more about the Flexi Clip HERE


I love this. The Azalea hairband is such a simple addition but it really makes for a  nice trendy look for her shoulder-length hair. There are several different styles of hairbands and what’s really neat is some of them can also be worn as a necklace. Super cool and thrifty too.


Okay, I did say we weren’t talking about bobby pins but these are not the bobby pins you buy on cardboard from a drugstore.  They are strong but lightweight and the Isabelle Bobbies really add a stylish touch to her sides being pulled back.


Take a look at the video below that shows you how to use the bobbies in a side braid.


This beaded hairband is so pretty. I love the bright colors against her gray hair.

This lovely Orchid U-Pin adds a stunning look to her loose bun. There are so many different types of U-Pins to pick from you are sure to find one that adds flair to your ” mature” hair.  I love that!!


The classic French Twist never disappoints. Using the  Kim Flexi Flip can take your updo to the next level.

Talk about hip. This hairstyle using mixed hair accessories along with a little hair mascara is a fun way to celebrate the wild woman in you, no matter your age. The beautiful North Star Bobby  and a blue hair stick topped off with  blue hair mascara is a unique way to show your own individual personality.


Age is just a number they say and I tend to agree. While we can’t control all things as we age we certainly can choose beautiful hair accessories that are gentle to our hair, do not break the bank, and are as unique as we are.

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