Are you tired of wearing ugly hair ties that damage your hair? Do you suffer from tension headaches from those annoying little elastics? Then, say bye-bye to those pesky hair ties and hello to the Flexi Flip.


What is a Flexi Flip?


The Lilla Rose Flexi Flips are a beautiful patent-pending design that is quickly becoming a favorite. They are different than the Flexi Clip in that the pin is reversible which means you just flip the pin and it allows you to do many different hairstyles. The unique curved pin design provides up to three different sizes by creating a tighter fit when flipped, which allows for multiple hairstyles with just one Flexi Flip!


Flexi Flips work in all kinds of hair from baby fine to super thick. They are made with music wire just like a Flexi Clip so they are super comfortable and will not cause headaches like hair ties and the claw sometimes do. Not to mention they are much prettier. There is nothing like them on the market today so many women have not heard of the Flexi Flip.


Check out the video below to learn more about the Flexi Flip and to help you choose the correct size.

Lilla Rose – Flexi Flip Tutorial from Lilla Rose Inc. on Vimeo.

Hairstyles using the Flexi Flips.

The lovely Misty Flexi Flip is an elegant design made with blue granite. One size and you can do a loose ponytail, a half-up, and a french twist and so much more.

Flexi Flips Facts:

  • Made with semi-precious stones in a variety of beautiful stones and colors.
  • No decorative centerpiece
  • Comes in 3 sizes
  • Reversible pin to get up to 3 sizes with one clip
  • Made with strong high-carbon steel drawn music wire
  • Comes with a one-year guarantee


Wow, with the Flexi Flip, I can do so many hairstyles that one is really all you need. Of course, I have more than one, they are all so beautiful.   Sylvia J.



Flexi Sport

The Flexi Sport also has three sizes in one clip so it is considered a “Flip” as well. It has a dual pin flip to hold more or less hair. The inside is made with music wire just like the Flexi Clips and the outside is covered in silicone rubber that is 100 % waterproof.  Athletes love the Flexi Sport. They are perfect for an active lifestyle. You can jog, and work out without worrying about them slipping.




So many different ways to wear the Flexi Sport.

And last but not least, Flexi Sports are well-made and budget friendly. Coming in at $15.00 you can’t beat it with a stick.


If you don’t want to waste time fixing your hair. If you struggle because it’s just not your thing. You need the Flexi Sport.


I  never thought I would like anything better than a Flexi Clip but the Flexi Sport is a close second for sure. Debbie M.




Wood Pin Flexi Flip

The newest addition to the Flexi Flips is the wood pin, Flexi Flip. These flips are gorgeous and come in four different styles. Just like the Flexi Flip and Flexi Sports, the wood pin flips to give you three different sizes. Wear the wood pin Flexi Flips and show your unique personality.


The wood flip is so comfortable and lightweight. It held all day long without slipping and I love the simple elegance of the wood pin. Courtney M.

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So where do you get a Flexi Flip?

You can get a Flexi Flip and see all of the beautiful Lilla Rose Hair Accessories HERE.

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