Do you like the easy button when it comes to your hair? Hair sticks and U-Pins make it super easy to put your hair up in a modern, put together style in the snap of a finger.

I had not worn either of these in my hair before but I found them to be easy to use for a beautiful unique style that LOOKS like you spent a lot of time on. Wink wink.

The hair sticks are made of refined wood with natural stones. You can mix and  match them and create a look that shows your individual style. Some of the hair sticks come in different links and finishes.


You can also use a hairstick with out Leather 8 Flexi Clips to give a natural sort of rustic look

Not sure how to use a hair stick? Enjoy this video  from my friend, Courtney.


Upins are shaped like a long U  and come in sets and as singles. There are tons of choices from elegant to a more simple style. Some are made with acrylic and some are plated with silver, gold or copper. They hold your hair all day and are incredibly comfortable.

Watch this video on the  basics of using a U-Pin. .

Hair sticks and Upins from Lilla Rose are easy to use and hold your hair comfortably all day long.They truly are a simple solution for a beautiful hairstyle.

Which do you think you would rather try a hair stick ir a Upin?

Something catch your eye? 

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