Feminine Flexi Clip Hairstyles


Do you want to feel beautiful and ready for your busy day without spending precious time in front of the mirror? Do you struggle with figuring out what to do with your hair every morning?Do you have a hard time finding a hair clip that will work in your hair?


If you are looking for a beautiful unique hair accessory that will hold your hair comfortably all day long,The Flexi Clip from Lilla Rose is for you.


The Flexi Clip is a one-piece, flexible hair clip that works in all types of hair, from baby-fine to extra-long and thick. The Flexi Clips are unique  because they  are made with piano wire which makes them very strong but super flexible so you don’t have to worry about getting a headache like so many women get with hair ties and the claw.


Flexi Clips are lightweight, super comfortable, and will not damage your hair like scrunchies or elastics. Flexi Clips  come in 7 sizes with tons of styles to choose from so you can be as fancy or as down-to-earth as you want to be. You can create your own unique feminine style with Flexi Clips.

If you are like me and have fine hair it can be a challenge to find hair clips or hair ties  that would not slip out of your hair. Maybe you are the opposite and have super thick hair. No worries, Flexi Clips will work in your hair.




Over the years, Lilla Rose came out with two more patent-pending designs. The Flexi Flip and the Flexi Sport. .  They are both still made with music wire but they do have some unique features.You can read more about those at links below


Read all about the Flexi Flip HERE

and the Flexi Sports HERE

Check out this video where Laura shows you how the Flexi Flips work in her extra thick hair.

When you wear a Flexi Clip , Flexi Sports or a Flexi Flip you get…..

  • A hair clip that works in all types of hair.
  • Comfortably holds thick hair with ease.
  • Securely holds baby fine hair or thin hair without slipping out.
  • Confidence that your hair will stay put. All. Day. Long!
  • Dozens of gorgeous hairstyles that you can whip up in no time!
  • It’s affordable and will last for years.
  • More peaceful mornings, since you can easily do your hair beautifully in just seconds.



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Flexi Clips are a life saver because you can fix your hair and forget it. Flexi Clips can literally change how you feel about your hair.


Wondering what sixe Flexi Clip you would wear? Check out the short video below to find out.

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