What if you could earn FREE Flexi Clips or other Lilla Rose Hair Accessories WITHOUT having a Facebook party?


What if you could invite your friends to an email treasure hunt?

I have an alternative to the same ole “party online” routine. It’s called the 5-Day Email Treasure Hunt. A unique, fun, NO PRESSURE  way to share Lilla Rose with family and friends and earn FREE Lilla Rose hair accessories at the same time.


Here’s how it works.


You invite your friends and family. You can invite them by email, phone, or in person. They have to OPT IN to receive the emails. I love this. It’s an easy way for them to decide if they want to participate. ONLY THOSE WHO OPT IN receive the email clues each day. I make this super easy for you by giving you the two emails that you will send. You just add a little personalization and hit send. I take care of the rest.


I will send one email each day for five days. Everyone who joins the treasure hunt is entered into a giveaway, but if they want to get more entries, they must complete each daily activity or “clue” as I call them. I call them “clues” because everyone who completes EVERY clue also automatically earns a smaller prize. SO EVERYONE WHO COMPLETES EVERY CLUE GETS A SMALL PRIZE. Pretty cool, huh?


On the sixth day, I will draw a winner for the grand prize–a Flexi Clip. I will send an email to all who participated letting them know who the grand prize winner is.



It really is as simple as that.


Why would you want to have a 5-Day Email Treasure Hunt?

First of all, you can earn free and half-priced Lilla Rose Flexi Clips or other hair accessories.

You get to introduce your friends and family to a great product that works. Once women get a Flexi Clip in their hair, they’re hooked. Since you can not buy Flexi Clips in the store, many women have never heard of them. So, your friends will thank you and think you are pretty cool.

Right now, until the end of February, you get DOUBLE HOSTESS REWARDS. 


Yep, double rewards. Example- $200 email treasure hunt party total, you will get 20% based on the total in  FREE Lilla Rose products plus 4  products at 50% off. That is $40 worth of free hair accessories of your choice and 4  products at a discount of 50% (Based on a $200 email party). That, my friend, is a win-win.


Why would your friends and family want to participate in a 5-Day Treasure Email Treasure Hunt?

Well, it’s super fun. It’s not the same ole, same ole.

Everyone who finds all the clues wins something.

It’s no pressure AT ALL. Only those who opt-in will receive emails.

They learn about a hair accessory that WILL work in their hair without causing headaches.

They get a chance to win a Flexi Clip.



I loved the 5-Day Email Treasure. It is a great alternative to the typical Facebook party. -Jackie S.

My friends loved the email treasure hunt. They were excited to get the clues each day and I was able to get free Flexi Clips.-Samantha M



Facebook parties are so last year. A 5-Day Email Treasure Hunt is a fun, unique way for your family and friends to learn about Lilla Rose products and get a chance to win a Flexi Clip. It’s a no-pressure way for you to earn FREE Lilla Rose hair accessories. REMEMBER—This month you can earn DOUBLE REWARDS.

Want to learn more to see if the 5-Day Email Treasure Hunt is for you?  You can add your email below and I will contact you to answer all your questions.  If you want to get DOUBLE HOSTESS REWARDS  you must complete the 5 -Day Email Treasure Hunt by the end of February.

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