Are you looking for an easy way to fix your hair every morning?


Do you struggle because you just don’t know what to do with your hair?


Do you want to feel beautiful and ready for your busy day without spending precious time in front of the mirror?


Or maybe every time you waer your hair up, you geta headache.



Then, friend, you have GOT to try the Flexi Clip from Lilla Rose. It can change your life. Extreme? Maybe but anything that saves you a little bit of time in the morning can be a lifesaver.


I bought a Flexi Clip at a festival about 5 years ago and I loved it.The lady said they would work in my fine hair…..I was skeptical. So, I took it home and IT WORKED. This was my first Flexi Clip. I still wear it.


Flexi Clips are affordable, easy to use, beautiful, and most of all, comfortable. I learned they are made from piano wire. Yes, piano wire!  Now, I can’t play the piano but I can wear the wire in my hair. This makes them very strong but super flexible which means NO HEADACHES which is why this patented design is the bomb.  I contacted the lady I bought it from and bought more. Then I found out they carried lots of other hair accessories and that  I could become a consultant and share them with women who need them…..that’s you.


Over the years, Lilla Rose came out with two more patent-pending designs. The Flexi Flip and the Flexi Sport. You can read more about those at links below.  They are both still made with music wire but they do have some unique features. I LOVE ALL 3.


Read all about the Flexi Flip HERE

and the Flexi Sports HERE

If you are like me and have fine hair it can be a challenge to find hair clips or hair ties  that would not slip out of my hair. Maybe you are the opposite and have super thick hair. No worries Flexi Clips come in seven sizes and they will work in all hair types from super thick to extra-fine.

Check out this video where Laura shows you how the Flexi Flips work in her extra thick hair.


See all the different colors and styles


Now, Flexi Clips are NOT like regular hair clips you buy in the store. Well, for one, you can’t buy them in stores, and two, choosing the right size is super important. Check out the size and styling video below.


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When you wear a Flexi Clip , Flexi Sports or a Flexi Flip you get…..

  • A hair clip that works in all types of hair.
  • Comfortably holds thick hair with ease.
  • Securely holds baby fine hair or thin hair without slipping out.
  • Confidence that your hair will stay put. All. Day. Long!
  • Dozens of gorgeous hairstyles that you can whip up in no time!
  • It’s affordable and will last for years.
  • More peaceful mornings, since you can easily do your hair beautifully in just seconds.

There are tons of styles to choose from so you can be as fancy or as down-to-earth as you want to be.





What size would you wear? Check out this video and find out. Need help? Email me at


Lilla Rose – Flexi Clip Sizing & Styling from Lilla Rose Inc. on Vimeo.

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