Tired of dry, brittle hair? Sick of not being able to do anything with your hair? Most of us are prone to bad hair, especially as we age, probably because most of us suffer from bad hair hygiene. We tend to treat our hair badly sometimes. We don’t drink enough water, we use hair products that are full of yucky ingredients and we constantly use heat for drying and styling our hair.

What’s a girl to do?

Try these  12 EASY  healthy hair tips that anyone can so and the best part is, you can actually start today.


Shower Power:

1. Go Au Natural: Most store-bought shampoos contain astringent cleaners, which can be damaging to hair. However, using products made from natural ingredients is less likely to rob your locks of essential oils and nutrients.


2. Get Familiar With Product Protocol: Make your products work for you. According to experts, the best benefits are achieved by emulsifying shampoo or conditioner in your hands, prior to applying. Massage into roots, crown, then lastly, down to the ends of your hair.


3. Less Is More: While washing hair daily may make you feel like it’s squeaky clean, in reality, daily cleaning can be damaging and drying. Instead, wash your hair every other day or two to three times per week. On “off days”, rinse with water and apply conditioner as needed, mainly at the ends.


4. Go Deep: Heat and color-treated tresses need to be deep conditioned at least once a week. If hair is extremely damaged, experts recommend a concentrated hair mask in place of daily conditioner (for use from midshaft down).


Styling Suggestions:


5. Avoid Burnout: Many modern dryers are efficient at speeding up the drying process, but experts note that they were designed to be held high above the hair (preferable by a stylist) and to be circulated around a lot, so as to avoid overheating and damage. To avoid dryer burnout, experts recommend removing the nozzle and pointing your dryer downward. And, they suggest treating damp hair with a heat-protectant spray prior to drying. Also, waiting until your hair is dryer allows your cuticles to close causing less damage.

6. Use a thermal protectant spray that is made for use with blow dryers, curling irons, and hot styling tools. Thermal Defense Mist from Lilla Rose is uniquely formulated to prevent hair damage during hot styling. Leaves hair soft, styled, and volumized. It is also Paraben and sodium-chloride-free.


Look at what a difference the Thermal Defense Mist makes in this video from my friend, Wendy

7. Go With The Flow (Of Your Hair): Use your fingers when styling your hair until it is about 80 percent dry, then pull out the brush.


8. Let It Breath: While many de-frizz or anti-frizz silicone-based products help keep strands smooth and sexy, experts suggest applying them AFTER heat styling (for best results). Otherwise, they note they can have a “shrink wrap” effect, depleting your hair of moisture.


8. Brush Up On The Type Of Brush You Using: According to experts, the best brushes and combs are wide tooth or bristles, because they disperse your scalp’s natural oils.The Flexi Brush or the shower comb is perfect for this because it is vented and helps wick away moisture.


9. Use Gentle Hair Accessories like the Flexi Clip. They are lightweight and do not damage your hair. They are also the perfect hair accessory for damaged hair. They are extremely gentle and super comfortable and do not promote breakages like elastic hair ties and other typical over-the-counter hair accessories.



10. Feeding Your Follicles: Nourish Your Roots With An Adequate Diet: The best follicle fuel is found in omega-3 fatty acids, according to the experts. So, dive into some cold-water fish such as salmon and tuna, and don’t forget the protein (found in nuts and cheese)

11. Reduce stress.  Sometimes easier said than done. We know that stress can take a toll on our bodies and that our hair is not immune.

12. Sleeping Beauty: Try sleeping on a silk pillowcase to prevent breakage. This  silk sham protects delicate facial skin and hair from scratches, creases, and tugs, reducing split ends and ensuring a night of restorative beauty sleep

While we can not control all things that come our way in life we can try these easy steps to help restore and reverse some of the damage to our hair.

Which ones will you try?

Keep the Faith,