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Welcome to Moxie in the Middle. I am so happy you want to find out a little bit more about becoming a Lilla Rose Stylist. There is a lot of information below  about the Lilla Rose business so settle in, take your time and know that I am just a click away at






I bought a Flexi Clip at a festival about  7 years ago..I had never heard of Lilla Rose before I was doubtful it would work in my hair because my hair is so fine that usually hair ties or hairclips would slip right out. I was so excited to find that  the Flexi Clip did work. Not only that, it worked all day long, without slippig and without  causing  headaches. Several weeks later, I contacted the stylist I bought it from to get more. It was only then that I realized, I could become a stylist and get them at a discount, which I did. I had no intention of becoming a stylist.



BUT then…….

My friends saw them in my hair and I of course ,I just gushed over them so then they wanted some too, so I decided right then and there, that women needed these hair clips. They may not know it yet but I wanted to be the one to share it with them.


One of the things, I came to learn is that Flexi Clips are a life saver  for so many women because they could do their hair beautifully in seconds and be ready for the day. Even women who struggle with fixing their hair found the Flexi Clip easy and comfortable to use .It always amazes me how a simple Flexi Clip can change how a women feels about herself.


The picture below was my first Flexi Clip.


First of all, I wanted to share this video from John Dorsey, the owner of Lilla Rose because I think it speaks to what the heart is of Lilla Rose and you will quickly see that Lilla Rose is not quite like other direct sales company.



Why would you want to join Lilla Rose?


 Unique Product

Lilla Rose has many different hair accessories but the flagship product is  the Flexi Clip, which is still our most popular product. Not only is it extremely comfortable, and works in ALL types of hair, from baby fine to super long and thick, but it can’t be found anywhere else. The Flexi Clip is such a great product. They are one-of-a-kind. They are beautiful, durable and super practical. Unlike other direct sales products, you can’t find anything else like it on the market today. Many people join Lilla Rose for this one reason alone.


Very Low Competition.

Lilla Rose is still a very small company, so competition from other stylists is almost non-existent. Most ladies have never even heard of Lilla Rose. This is a great time to start your journey as a Lilla Rose Stylist.


Flexible and No-Pressure

The Lilla Rose Stylist opportunity is extremely flexible with absolutely no pressure– since there are no monthly or quarterly minimums or quotas to meet, you can do as little or as much with your business as you’d like.


Free Website

IT’S FREE. That is almost unheard of.


Business Training and Support

We have so many great training resources to help you have a successful Lilla Rose business. Lilla Rose offers training in your back office, as well as regular live trainings. We have various stylist support and training groups both on Facebook and off of Facebook.


No Annual Fees or Monthly Quotas

Lilla Rose has no annual fees or monthly quotas to stay active. Just $200 in personal or customer sales a year will keep you active. That is  less than $20 a month.  Easy Peasy.


Start your own business for less than $100

The Lilla Rose Ready, Set, Style Enrollment kit is only $89 and comes with over $300 worth of beautiful hair accessories and marketing supplies to get your new business off to a great start. That is a pretty sweet deal.  There is also an OPTIONAL Fast Start Kit for those who want to get more bang for the buck.

Enrollment Kit for 2023

Generous Commission Plan

Lilla Rose has one of the best commission plans in direct sales. Earn 30-50% commission on your personal sales and a percentage of your team’s sales as well.  Just like many other direct sales businesses you can  achieve all the sucess you want by helping others acheive success too.

What is the Lilla Rose commission plan?

As a Lilla Rose stylist, you will always receive at least 30% commission on every single order, even if it is just one item.

You also receive an automatic 30% discount on your own personal orders or inventory orders made through your Lilla Rose back office.

Your discount or commission will go up from there, depending on your amount of sales/purchases that month:


Lilla Rose commission and discount:

$0-$199 30%

$200-$500 35%

$501-$999 40%

$1000+ 45%


You earn 10% on the orders, sales, and purchases of people you personally enroll in Lilla Rose.

How Can You Sell Lilla Rose.

One of the things I love most about Lilla Rose is all the ways you can build a business is that you can build the business in so many different ways. Yiu choose what works for your life.  Here are a few ways you can make money with your Lilla Rose business:

Sell at vendor events and craft shows

Home Get Togethers

Social Media

Email and Text Get Togethers

Working With Influencers



The Ready, Set, Style Kit is our basic starter kit, and includes all you need to run a successful business online. It includes a variety of our most popular items ($315 value), so that you can give them all a try and show to others. It also comes with marketing supplies and a free website. $89.00

If you are ready to hit the ground running, you may purchase the optional Fast Start Bundle as well. This will give you the biggest bang for your buck and allows you  many more benefits.  You can purcahse the Fast Start any time BEFORE you place your first order.  The Fast Start with the Ready, Set, Style kit is $589 and has a value of $1415.


Here is a short video explaining the reasons why you may want to consider the Fast Start. If you have any questions, I am happy to help.

Fill out my business questionaire to find out if  the Lilla Rose business is a good fit for you.


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Once you click on Get Started Today, you will pick your starter kits. *** PLEASE FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME at  if you have any questions or you want to talk about the options. I can help you decide which optione is best for you depending on your goals.