Wondering what all the fuss is about hair mascara? I did too but then I tried some and actually liked it.  Temples are where most women get that certain color(that shall not be named) first. I found this a quick and easy way to cover that area. You can also touch up your roots, add highlights, and lowlights, or even add some fun bright color highlights to your hair!



So what is hair mascara?

Hair mascara is a temporary color to cover gray hair and cover your roots between colorings. You can also add highlights and lowlights. If you are like me, you can hide that gray at your temples at home without dye in between trips to the salon. Hair mascara is similar to eye mascara but specifically designed for your hair. With over 25 colors to choose from your husband will wonder who he will wake up to every morning.




Hair Mascara from Lilla Rose touches up roots and strands instantly and is easy to apply.Simply glide the brush over gray roots, grown-out color roots, or strays. Let it dry, comb through, and boom, you’re done! No flakes or stains. Color stays until your next shampoo so you will not have “color remorse” the next day. HA



I did not take a lot of pictures when I used the hair mascara and I could have used a little bit more but you can definitely see the difference below.


Show your own individual style with our unique and fun-colored Hair Mascara. You can add the color to big chunks or small strands of your hair or whatever you want to do ( remember it’s washable) let it dry, and comb through.  Experiment with your hair and your favorite colors. Depending on your hair type, the mascara color may last up to a few washes.



Why I love it:

Touch up gray strands and roots instantly

Easy application


Never flakes or stains

Dries in a minute

Stays on until shampooed off.

Made in the USA

Hair mascara from Lilla Rose is an easy way to cover your gray and add highlights, lowlights, or bright colors at home without dye. You can have confidence knowing you can wash it out if you don’t like it or if you don’t want to wear stars and stripes to church on Sunday. Although I think the Lord would be fine with it.


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You can see all the colors of hair mascara and learn more HERE

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