Flexi Clips, Flexi Sports & Flexi Sports. Which Should You Choose?



Flexi Clip, Flexi Sport or Flexi Flips. Seem confusing?  They have a lot in common but there are a few differences and benefits for each one. They all 3 are  unique, beautiful and THEY WORK in all hair types from baby-fine to super thick and curly. There is nothing else like them and once you try one, you will be hooked.


The Flexi Clip was the flagship product and the reason why I became a Lilla Rose Stylist.   When they came out with the Flexi Sport and Flexi Flip, I thought I would never like those more than the Flexi Clip. Well, I was wrong. I LOVE THEM ALL and  I wear them all. Not all at the same time, of course.


You may be wondering which one you should try first. In my opinion, you will not go wrong with any of them.


If you like a more simple design There are “less flashy” designs in all 3 types.


It also depends on what hairstyle you will be wearing. If you are pulling a small amount of hair back, you may want a mini or xs Flexi Clip since those are the smallest clips we have.


No matter which one you pick, you will not be sorry.

I am happy to help if you need it, let me know.


Nees help choosing a size? Check out the styling video for both Flexi Flips and Flexi Clips. HERE.

Just scroll down to see  Flexi Flip sizing video.

You see all 3 types of hair clips HERE

Which clip is your favorite?

Keep the Faith,