“There’s no place like home. Except for the beach.”


It’s almost summer time!!

Do you have a trip to the beach planned already?

With fun to be had and memories to be made, the last thing you want to spend precious time on is your hair BUT you still want your hair to look and feel nice. Don’t worry though, I got you.

I am going to show you how you can have easy hairstyles for the beach using beautiful, gentle hair accessories in beautiful options to show your individual style.

Tails up is a classic go-to hairstyle for the beach and for good reason. Take your tails up style to the next level with the Kai Flexi Clip. Flexi Clips work in all hair types from baby fine to extra thick. They are gentle on your hair and do not cause headaches. Learn more about the Flexi Clip HERE

Need a little help? Check out this easy peasy way to get your hair up before you hit the beach.

FLEXI: Tails Up from Lilla Rose Inc. on Vimeo.

The classic French Twist is a popular way to pull all your hair back neatly to keep it out of your face. Tidepool is a  beautiful Flexi Clip that boasts the brilliant colors of the ocean. Beads of aquamarine and Tahitian blue sparkle alongside silver-toned swirls making this a perfect choice.


Here is a quick video of a French Twist.

FLEXI: French Twist from Lilla Rose Inc. on Vimeo.

The half-up is one of the easiest hairstyles there is. The mystical Mermaid Flexi Clip has a deep blue accent and your choice of purple hues or white pearls. This clip takes this easy hairstyle up a notch.


One of my all-time favorite ways to wear my hair at the beach. The cap keeps the sun out of your eyes and the Lisa Flexi Clip will hold your hair comfortably all day long. I used to get headaches when a wore a cap and hair tie all day long. Not anymore.

Next up are our beautiful acrylic U-Pins.  These babies come in a variety of colors and styles. They are lightweight, comfortable, waterproof, and work in all types of hair. They add a unique touch to any hairstyle.

The Flexi Sport is such a great hair accessory for the beach.

  • All-day non-slip hold
  • Easy slide release won’t damage hair
  • Dual pin flip to hold more or less hair
  • Fits all hair types
  • 100% waterproof
  • Tons of colors to choose from


Which one is your favorite?

Lilla Rose hair accessories are perfect for the beach. With so many styles, the only trouble you will have is deciding which one you want to rock that day.

Your beach trip is right around the corner. Go  HERE  to pick out your hair pretties today.


See ya at the beach,