5 Hair Accessories For Women Who Hate Their Hair.


Says almost every woman at some time in her life. Whether we have thick, fine, curly or straight hair it seems as though we always want the oposite.


I feel that way sometimes. I have very fine hair so everytime I would put my hair up with a clip or hair tie it would slip right out. I would have to  make it so tight, I would get a headache not to mention the damge that it caused to my hair. I was always so envious of women  who had thicker hair. As, I got older, of course, I realized many of those women wished their hair was not as thick. So, the struggle is real.


About 5 years ago I found a hair clip by Lilla Rose at a festival. The lady assured me it would work in my hair. I was skeptical but tried it anyway. After she helped me pick the correct size, I tried it and guess what? IT WORKED. It made fixing my hair fast and easy with no headaches and without damaging my hair. This was the first Flexi Clip I bought and I wore it everyday in multiple hairstyles.




The Flexi Clip is made by Lilla Rose and it is   a one-piece, flexible hair clip that works in all types of hair, from baby-fine to extra-long and thick. It is made with music wire which makes it very strong but super flexible so you do not have to worry about headaches.They are lightweight, super comfortable, and will not damage your hair like scrunchies or elastics.

Lilla Rose then added the  Flexi Sport and the Flexi Flip. I never thought I would love anythigng as much as I do the Flexi Clip but  I found I love them too. These clips have a reversible pin that gives you three sizes in one clip..


Just like the Flexi Clip, you never have to worry about headaches because they are  also made with music wire. All of the Flexi Clips are easy to use and will give you a modern put together look while saving you time and  a lot of frustration. Let’s get to it.


Here, I will show you 5 easy hairstyles that anyone can do even if you HATE your hair.


A simple ponytail is a classic go to style for most women. It’s easy and fast. Using a Flexi Sport your hair will stay up all day long in a beautiful style without slipping. It’s lightweight so you barely know  you have it on and it will not damage your hair. You can read more about the Flexi Sport HERE  


Another easy out the door style is the half up. Because of my fine hair  I am wearing a mini Flexi Clip in this picture. The Flexi Clip adds so much more than a hair tie or a claw ever could, not to mention they are so COMFORTABLE. You can read more about the Flexi Clip HERE.

Ahh, the  simple updo or twist. There’s just something about this hairstyle. It is not fancy but by adding a beautiful Leather 8 Flexi Clip with a hair stick you really take it to the next level. There are several Leather 8 Flexi Clips to choose from and you can add any hair stick to show your own personality. You can go HERE    to see the Leather 8 Flexi Clips ( search leather),


This is another version of  a twist but this time, I added an acrylic  U-Pin to give it a little bit of a funky look. U-Pins are shaped like a U which will hold your hair comfortably all day long. You can choose from over 20 colors and/or designs.

If you  are looking for a more elegant style there are some beautiful U-Pin sets. It is such an easy way to have a fancy hairstyle just by tucking these U-Pins in your hair.  You can see all the U-Pins HERE



The Gibson Tuck is a fun, unique hairstyle using a Lilla Rose hairband. Our hairbands have an elastic comfort strap that you can loosen or tighten depending on the hairstyle. This makes them super comfortable.  They come in tons of styles and many of them can also be worn as a necklace by switching the elastic band for a chain. You get more beauty bang for your buck.  You can see all the hairbands  HERE Watch the video below and see how easy it is to do. 



Like I said, I have fine hair so I wanted to show you a video by  my friend, Laura. She has very thick hair  and she shows you how to use the Flexi Flip for 3 different hairstyles. You can see all the Flexi Flips HERE


So, while we may not be able to get exactly the kind of hair we want, we can certainly make some changes that will help us to love the hair the good Lord gave us a little bit more.


Which style is your favorite?


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Until next time,